The Ride

Fast Facts

  • Benefits Housing Works
  • Three days, 285 miles
  • Spectacular route from Boston to New York City
  • Friday, September 8th to Sunday, September 10th, 2017
  • Fully-supported, clearly marked route, with support vehicles and rest stops every 15 miles
  • All riders must arrive at the Registration site by 4:30 pm on Thursday, September 7th
  • All meals, snacks and lodging included from Friday morning through Sunday afternoon
  • Everyone sleeps in hotels, two people per room
  • Registration is limited to 150 riders (so sign up now!)
  • $95 registration fee, $3,500 fundraising minimum
  • Training and fundraising support anytime from your Rider coach. Ask the coach a question.
  • For more information about BRAKING AIDS® Ride, contact Global Impact Productions at 212.989.1111
  • To learn more about Housing Works' programs, visit or call 347.473.7400.

But most importantly: BRAKING AIDS® Ride is the time of your life with the greatest people you'll ever meet. Don't take our word for it. Join us and find out for yourself!




Emotional Reward




Fundraising Minimum


In 2017, we are entering uncharted territory–not only politically, but also for the health of people living with AIDS. That uncertainty has left many of us anxious, worried, scared for our health and our loved ones’ health–particularly for people living with HIV. There are days we want to burrow under the blankets and not come out.

But the AIDS community has seen tough times before. We lived through a time when our President wouldn’t say the word “AIDS” in public. We lived through a time when there were no treatments for HIV (and many of us didn’t make it).

Today, we have powerful treatments. We have medications that work. We have proof that HIV+ people whose viral loads are undetectable pose no meaningful risk of infection. We have proof that PrEP helps HIV- people stay negative. And we have proof that safe, affordable housing lets people focus on their health and reduce transmission.

In short, we know that we can end AIDS as an epidemic. And in New York State, we intend to do just that within the next three years.

But ending AIDS won’t happen by itself. We can’t end AIDS from under the covers. We have to get out there–today–and make this moment matter. We need you to make this moment matter, to help us get to the end of AIDS. Won’t you join us?

It’s time. Get on your ass. Join BRAKING AIDS® Ride today. 

On The Ride

BRAKING AIDS® Ride begins on Friday, September 8, 2017 in Boston, MA. All riders must arrive by 4:30 pm on Thursday, September 7 for our Registration Eve activities; crew must arrive Thursday by 12:00 pm. About two months before the Ride, you’ll receive a travel packet that will include details on travel options to Boston, bike shipping and Registration Eve hotels. (On Friday and Saturday nights, your hotel is included; on Thursday night, we’ll ask you to make your own reservations.)

The ride begins at 6:30 Friday morning with a brief, inspiring Opening Ceremony. From there, you’ll ride 285 miles over the next three days through New England farmland, along the scenic Atlantic coast, up wooded hills and across broad rivers as you make your way to New York City.

On the ride, you won’t just be fully supported; “fawned over” is more like it. Our extraordinary volunteer crew will anticipate your needs as you ride each day. The route is amply marked and at tricky turns you’ll find crew members to guide you safely through. Every 15 miles you’ll find an “Oasis.” More than a simple pit stop, it’s a respite from the road with lots of cheering and a variety of snacks, water and sport drink, toilets, medical assistance (including hugs if required) and bike techs. At midday, we’ll feed you a delicious, locally-prepared lunch. Our sweep vans have a way of appearing when you need them. In fact, you’ll be so well supported that Monday morning will be a rude awakening when the crew is gone and you have to fetch coffee yourself.

Each evening, you’ll be welcomed to our hotel by the Hotel Services crew team, who will hand you your gear. You may pick your roommate or we’ll assign you one, if you prefer. At the hotel, we’ll all share dinner together. This sets BRAKING AIDS® Ride apart: The opportunity for everyone to eat together in one room and share stories from the road. You’ll cry with laughter, you’ll weep with compassion, and you’ll feel connected to humanity in a way you haven’t felt in some time.

BRAKING AIDS® Ride will end with a Closing Ceremony on Sunday evening, September 10th. Invite your friends and family to celebrate your accomplishment! You deserve the ovation for a job bravely done.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the terrain like?
Beautiful, historic, and challenging! Picture rolling hills, New England farmland, and the first hints of fall color. The second day features scenic stretches on the Atlantic shoreline. The Ride ends with a mix of rural back roads and suburbs, as New York City comes into view. (Route is subject to change.)

May I pick my own roommate?
Absolutely! If you already know who your roommate is, please indicate that on your registration form. Otherwise we'll pair you up with a person of the same gender.

How much of the money will go to Housing Works?
We work very hard to keep production expenses as low as possible by soliciting sponsorships, donations, and discounts for supplies. In 2016, the riders and crew returned over $300,000 to Housing Works. Ultimately, the amount of money, and the percent return, depends upon how many people ride and how much each rider raises.

Is there a minimum age?

Yes, all participants must be at least 18 years old by the start of the Ride. 16- and 17-year-old riders may participate if accompanied by a parent or guardian; please contact our office for details.