How to Participate 

So you want to be part of the Ride—great! There are many different ways to participate



Each Rider commits to raising $3,500 to support Housing Works. If you’ve never fundraised before, that can sound daunting, but with a plan you can do it—and that’s what we’re here for!

  • You’ll be assigned a Rider coach, who will be your advocate from the day you sign up. Sit down with her, give her a call or e-mail a question anytime.
  • Check out our one-sheet for a summary version.
  • Our Prep Guide is your step-by-step resource to prepare for the ride. With tips on throwing a fundraising party, lots of worksheets, even a sample letter, it's filled with tools to help you exceed your goal.
  • This website is designed to help you raise money. You’ll get a customizable web page where your friends can donate and you can track donations. It makes implementing your fundraising strategy a piece of cake!
  • Regularly scheduled Ride previews will tell you all you need to know in one 90-minute workshop with your coach. Check out our upcoming events page for a schedule.

Most Riders are worried about fundraising when they start, yet our Riders are so well supported that last year our average rider raised an astonishing $7,000! That's the difference BRAKING AIDS® Ride’s support can make. And if you want to do even more, ask about the perks with our 10K and 20K Club!


BRAKING AIDS® Ride is a physical challenge. It is not intended to be easy; it’s designed to push us to our limits, as AIDS challenges people living with HIV every day. To be ready to go the distance on the hills, you need to train. We’re here to help you get ready!

  • Every rider has full access to your rider coach. She’s available to help you get organized, set up a plan, and answer any questions you have. No question is too small or silly! That’s why we’re here.
  • Check out our one-sheet for a summary version.
  • Prep Guide. Our prep guide will guide you through the process of setting up a training plan, no matter how many weeks you have to get ready.
  • Training rides. Our volunteer-led training rides increase in distance as the months go by, so even if you haven’t been on a bike in years, you can build up to the mileage on the Ride. They’re the best way to meet other Riders and make friends, too! Join us for the next training ride.
  • Bike & Body Tune-Up Day. Each July, our training ride ends at an afternoon clinic designed to get you and your steed ready for the ride. Learn how to stretch properly, change a tire, eat right for cycling, and more.
  • Connect online! Our Facebook community is a great place to find people to ride with.


Access your fundraising page by clicking the “LOGIN” link at the upper left of the linked page, and then entering your email and password (unless you are already logged in). Then click “Dashboard” at the top of the page to access your pages. You'll find helpful links on the right side of the Dashboard page. Feel free to call your rider coach with any questions at 212.989.1111.

Reach out to your Rider Coach!

Don't hesitate to get in touch with her. She loves helping you step up to the challenge of training to go the distance.

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